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The Pond… Where Hockey Players Are Made

You play the way you practice… So why not practice better?

The Burlington Pond is open all year round with a main focus on constant development and immediate correction. Our progressive drills touch on all aspects of skating and skill development with a concentration on efficient techniques.

Whether it is your first time on the ice, or you lost count a very long time ago, The Pond has something for you. The Pond offers clinics ranging from private 1 on 1 instruction to low student-instructor ratio clinics and team instruction. Providing players with the tools they need that will give them the edge over the opponent.

training that makes a difference

Supplement your existing hockey programs with a customized Pond program. Our instructors are passionate and committed to making our players the best they can be.

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All of our coaches are highly experienced including professional hockey players and world level figure skaters. Let us help you take your game to the next level!

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Creating players for the modern game

Whether it is your first time on the ice, or you lost count a very long time ago, The Pond has something for you.

The Pond offers clinics ranging from private 1-on-1 instruction to low student-instructor ratio clinics.

Michele Moore


Coach Michele Moore Davison is daughter of Pond Founder, Greg Moore and is sister to and co-owner of The Burlington Pond with Coach Ryan Moore. Michele works with players in the NHL, OHL and Minor Hockey. In 2022, Michele was hired as a Skating Consultant by the Toronto Maple Leafs. Michele specifies in hockey skating foundations, improving players skating tools such as explosive power, quickness, stride, edges & weight transfer to ensure players are well balanced and agile. Once players can master their hockey posture and body mechanics their edge quality, stride and movement becomes quicker, more powerful, stable and less tiring. As body positioning improves, the players overall speed, power & transition game will improve. Michele was a National Level figure skater, competing at 9 National Championships in Women’s Singles Skating. Michele also competed on the National Synchronized Skating Team, Nexxice winning a World Championship in 2009, later being inducted into the Skate Canada, Hall of Fame.

Ryan Moore


Coach Ryan Moore is son of Pond Founder, Greg Moore and is brother to and co-owner of The Pond with Coach Michele Moore Davison.  Ryan had a successful career playing hockey at the Rep AAA, Junior, O.H.L., C.I.S. and Sr. A levels. He was drafted to the O.H.L. and won championships at the Junior and Sr. A levels.  As a player Ryan was known for his skating and shot as well as his ability to read the game. These are now the main skills Ryan teaches at The Pond.  Ryan works with players of all ages, helping them reach their next level and success. Some noteworthy players Ryan works with include: Evan Bouchard, Darnell Nurse, & Malcolm Spence among others.

Greg Moore


Coach Greg Moore founded The Burlington Pond in 2000, the first ice rink of its kind in Ontario. He is father to both Coach Michele and Coach Ryan. Greg played his minor hockey in Burlington before making the jump to the Burlington Cougars. He earned a hockey scholarship to Oswego State University of New York where he captained the team to a championship and was nominated to the NCAA All American Team. As a player Greg was known for his skating ability, his passing and his ability to read the game. Greg was also a natural leader which led to him being named captain of multiple teams. Greg is now semi-retired but still finds time to coach players of all levels. He has helped many players realize their potential and played an integral part in the careers of both Darnell Nurse and Evan Bouchard among others.
Udo Springman


Coach Udo’s style of Hockey and skating was influenced by the different Nationalities  of Coaches he had growing up in the german hockey system such as Germans, Czechs Russians & Canadians who coached and guided him throughout my time over there. In 2004 Udo moved back to Canada and got involved in Hockey once again in 2014 within the Burlington  Eagles organization as a coach. He was head coach and assistant coach to teams from 2015 – 2020. Coach Udo is detail oriented and very influential to hockey players at The Pond. He brings a positive attitude and pushes players to reach their full potential.

Tristyn Svetyk


Coach Tristyn played the majority of her minor hockey for the BGHC. Finished her minor hockey career playing Junior for the Burlington Barracudas. Went on to earn a scholarship to play NCAA Division 1 hockey for the University of Connecticut. Coach Tristyn’s ability to read the ice and make smart plays helped carry her team to 3 consecutive hockey east championship appearances. Tristyn is continuing her hockey journey coaching for the Burlington Barracudas for the past 5 years while attending Brock University for her Masters of Education. She enjoys working with and seeing the development in young athletes. 

James Austin


James has been an instructor and part of the Pond team since 2019. He played his youth hockey for the Burlington Eagles, moved on to play his Junior hockey in town with the Burlington Cougars and from there played University NCAA hockey for the Lake Forest College Foresters. After playing for Lake Forest he played professionally in Europe in the EPL for the Romford Raiders. His coaching and skills training background began in Chicago Illinois with their AAA programs and spent the past 10+ years working with the Burlington Eagles as a coach, convenor and NLT player instructor.